Auto Repair Shop Jargon And Why We Prefer Clear Communication

Ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol and propylene glycol-- three ingredients that when combined with water can create coolant or anti-freeze.  In our opinion, that's a whole lot of technical information and not a lot of useful information.

Here's what import car owners really need to know: does my coolant need to be topped off or changed? So, that's how we will approach servicing your car, by keeping our diagnostics and conversations about your car as straight forward and clear as possible.

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Headlight Restoration For Your Pitted, Foggy, and Discolored Headlight Lenses

How many of you get in your car that’s a few years older now and find that your headlights are no longer shining like they used to? More and more cars have gone from glass headlight housings to plastic ones for cheaper production costs and weight reduction. One side affect we see more with lights of this type is heavy pitting and discoloration from the natural elements we face on our daily commutes.

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Safe Winter Automobile Storage

How many of you store vehicles in the winter? Now that the weather is getting nicer (finally) and  people are beginning to bring out their summer vehicles, many of them are running into problems related to winter automobile storage. A stored vehicle can often be a great place for mice and other rodents to seek refuge during the cold winter months, often leaving a damage path as a result.

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