Safe Winter Automobile Storage

How many of you store vehicles in the winter? Now that the weather is getting nicer (finally) and  people are beginning to bring out their summer vehicles, many of them are running into problems related to winter automobile storage. A stored vehicle can often be a great place for mice and other rodents to seek refuge during the cold winter months, often leaving a damage path as a result. As you can see here, one happy critter built themselves a nice little nest in the blower motor, ultimately causing improper operation.


Fortunately, this can be one of the more mild cases. Often they can chew wires, damage sensors, computers, and other components that are vital for the vehicles operation. It’s important that we all remember to take the proper steps to ensure safe storage during the winter months.  A little extra time, and a few small steps can go a long way to protect your investment!  From batteries and fuel, to unwanted winter guests, check back soon for a helpful guide to safe winter automobile storage in the off season!

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